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Psychometer Test

Introducing Emo Matrix's revolutionary Psychometer, a groundbreaking tool designed to assess your holistic well-being, encompassing emotion, psychology, and intellect. Simply answer a few questions, and receive your personalized Psychometer Report instantly.

What is the Psychometer?

The Psychometer is an innovative assessment tool developed by the Emo Matrix team, engineered to gauge your emotional, psychological, and intellectual wellness comprehensively.

How to Use This?

Using the Psychometer is easy and convenient. Answer a series of carefully crafted questions, and within moments, receive your detailed Psychometer Report, providing insights into your overall well-being across various dimensions. Unlock your potential today with Emo Matrix's Psychometer.

  • Emotional wellness
  • Psychological wellness
  • Intellectual wellness


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  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Relationship & Marriage
  • Happiness & Mindfulness
  • Job &
  • Dreams & Goals
  • Education & Competition

Listening Room

Every Story Matters

Welcome to "Listening Room," your home for immediate support and healing. Open 24/7, it's a space where stories are heard, advice is shared, and journeys from hurt to healing begin. Whether it's stress, anxiety, relationships, career, dreams, education, or family, Listening Room offers pacifying ear and guiding voice. Find solace in shared experiences, embrace the path to peace, and discover the strength within. This is more than a room—it's a haven for transformation and growth. Enter Solitude, where every journey finds understanding, every pain finds solace, and every heart finds healing.


  • Personal Life
  • Professional

A Good Advice

there is no worst enemy than a bad advice
and there is no better friend than a good advice

  • Stress & Anxiety
  • Relationship & Marriage
  • Happiness & Mindfulness
  • Job &
  • Dreams & Goals
  • Education & Competition
  • Family & children

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the credibility of the trainers providing self-help videos?

All self-help content is directly recorded by psychologist or trained professionals under the supervision of psychologists. All psychologists are either M.Phil or PhD holder.

How can I access my self-help podcast and videos on Emo Matrix?

To access our premium self-help content, simply subscribe to our platform. Once subscribed, you can enjoy exclusive access to our podcast and self-help life videos.

How often do you release new podcast episodes and videos?

We release new self-help podcast episodes weekly and life videos every month. Stay tuned for fresh content to inspire and guide you.

Are the Q&A sessions pre-recorded, or are they live?

Our Q&A sessions are conducted live to provide an interactive and real-time experience for our subscribers. These sessions take place on Zoom, allowing you to actively participate, ask questions, and engage with our experienced hosts.

Can I submit questions for the Q&A sessions?

Absolutely! We encourage active participation. As a subscriber, you have the opportunity to submit your questions for consideration in our Q&A sessions. Your inquiries are valued, and we aim to address topics that matter most to you.